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Physiotherapy at Self Love Pilates

Physiotherapy is a field of medicine intended to treat a disease, injury, or deformity via methods such as exercise, manual therapy, massage, and education.


Pilates naturally falls into rhythm with physiotherapy. Its exercises are gaining ground in the research as part of the treatment plans for issues such as fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, age-related decline, chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, neck pain, and much more. 

Most Insurances providers cover this service. Please check with your insurance if they cover services provided by PTSW (Physical Therapy Support Worker).



If you have an issue like pain, injury, deformity, or disease and would like to know if physiotherapy could be appropriate for you, we’d love to help!

  1. Book an appointment with our physiotherapist, Tamara Oakley (Registered Physiotherapist, BSc, MPT, AN-IMS, ISST -  Specialized as International Schroth Scoliosis Therapist, Vestibular and Pilates-based Rehabilitation). She will ask questions and perform tests to gather information about you and your health issue. 

  2. If your condition is best treated with a physical therapy plan that includes pilates, we can get you started on an individualized physical therapy program including pilates exercises supervised by a physical therapy support worker (and registered pilates instructor), and other physiotherapy services according to your needs.

  3. If your condition is best treated with a physical therapy or other plan that is not appropriate for the services available at Self-Love pilates, Tamara will provide you with a plan to meet your needs. 

  4. Ready, Get Set → Go for your Goals!

Please note:


While you do not require a doctor’s note to see a physiotherapist, it is good idea to have your doctor involved in your care and some third party insurance providers may require a note from them for coverage. Also, while many third party insurance providers cover physiotherapy services provided by a PTSW (Physical Therapy Support Worker), some do not. For example, Pacific Blue Cross discontinued coverage of services provided by a PTSW in November 2023. It is best to check with your third party insurance provider to confirm your coverage.


Physiotherapy services are those that pertain to things like pain, a disease, injury or deformity. Once you are healed or you or your physical therapist feel that you are ready for discharge from physiotherapy services, you are, of course, welcome to transition from physiotherapy services/physiotherapy-pilates stream to regular pilates at the studio. You are always welcome to contact us for a re-assessment as well. 

Send us a text or email us to book your initial assessment:




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