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Physical health is available for every-body

Unlock your heart and love yourself

As a spiritual inquisitor, I am tremendously attracted to techniques and procedures that have the ability to going deep into the trauma's root cause where healing- work is needed.

Often, there are emotional feelings such as a Fear, Grief,  Depression, Despair, Powerlessness, Insecurity,  Guilt,  Unworthiness, Jealousy, Hatred, Rage, Revenge, Anger, and so on which need to be found in the physical body and healed. The energy- vibration of trauma sits deep within our body locked within a self-created vault behind many walls and is hard to access with the conscious mind but our bodies are giving us hints and clues by creating physical hurts and pains. (Latin word for it: mal – estar).

The healing work can take a lifetime and effort to overcome the obstacles into a transformation to Joy, Appreciation, Empowerment, Freedom, Passion, Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness, Positive Expectation, Belief, Optimism, and so on. However, once the original wound is discovered, FORGIVENESS is the medicine to heal and SELF-LOVE is the perpetual remedy. It is not only the physical and emotional problem healed, but also the problem behind, of the problem behind, and the problem which created it originally - I call it the root cause.

For these reasons, I am offering you a powerful healing tool that was introduced to me by John Newton and his program of Health Beyond Belief. After many years of searching and trying different methods for a solution to my own hurdles, his techniques helped me in one session to discover, unlock and heal the original wound I was dealing with.

I am not a doctor or therapist and I do not exclude the importance of Western Medicine and have great respect and gratitude for its value. With my work, I am passing on to you this methodology as I assist and guide you through the process. You are in charge of your own healing. Self-Love healing can add as a supplement to physical healing. Self- Love healing never harms. Once the energetic –  vibrational blockage has been cleared, the outcome appears as physical healing and wellness.

From the time I was first introduced to Health Beyond Belief, I knew it would be a powerful addition to my passion for Well Being, Fitness and Pilates, and now to all my health work that I can teach to you. I am continually learning about this methodology and its impressive way of working with prayer, intuition, and spiritual insights. I offer Self Love Health sessions as an addition to physical conditioning sessions. If you feel led to contact me for one-hour of  Self Love session the price is $90 for the session. Some issues may benefit from more than one session. Sessions via telephone or video are also available. Payment is made online or at the beginning of the session. I am looking forward to working with you. Please get in touch with me with any questions or comment you might have.

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