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About Us


Certified Pilates Practitioner & PTSW

I personally became a witness to the powerful health and healing benefits of Pilates after participating in my first class at which point I realized Pilates truly was "Medicine for my back". In the past, I had experienced many years of chronic lower back pain and being an avid fitness advocate and instructor, my back condition prevented me from enjoying high impact workouts and limited my mobility and exercise options. Pilates brought me new hope, enabling me to reduce the lower back pain by rebalancing muscles, improving core strength, mobility, and helped me strengthen my body, pain-free. With each Pilates session I attended, I realized that for the first time in many years I was able to enjoy my lifestyle and passion! Pilates is not only for those of us recovering from injuries but for everyone! Through my personal experiences, I have found Pilates has enhanced my own physical and personal wellness, mental health, and can say with confidence that Pilates is for everyone.


I enjoyed teaching fitness for many years before and during my Masters of Physical Therapy program at UBC and discovered my love for pilates along the way. I have taken Pilates training through Canada’s own Pilates Process and use these concepts and exercises into my physiotherapy practice. I enjoy working with a variety of conditions and continue to be excited and amazed every day by what patients can achieve when given the tools and care that they need to succeed.

Certified Pilates Practitioner & PTSW

I began my personal journey with Pilates in 2000, I am passionate advocate of Pilates benefits. 
I have  great experience managing low back pain, and improving neurological function. I continue to seek opportunities to increase understanding and knowledge of both the body and Pilates practice.  I consider Pilates practice  a lifetime commitment to health and well- being and I am  amazed at how much the Pilates approach to exercise has to offer, from rehabilitative work to cross-training and beyond, providing the opportunity for all individuals to enhance their health through improved mobility, strength and stability. 

Certified Pilates Practitioner 

I am an avid fitness enthusiast and a proud mom of five. I am thrilled to call Kelowna home after moving from Winnipeg seven years ago. Chronic low back and shoulder injuries began to prevent me from participating in the many outdoor activities we are so lucky to have here in the Okanagan. A friend suggested Pilates two years ago and I was immediately hooked. As a teacher, I am thrilled to make the switch from teaching English to something that I truly love and feel passionate about.

Certified Pilates Practitioner 

I'm a fun, funky and sometimes a tiny bit feisty, mum of 3. Doing ballet my whole life led me to discover Pilates and it was love at first sight.  I have a passion for fitness, a love for writing, a slight obsession with hockey and a re-kindled spirit for the mountains. After 10 years abroad in Africa, my family and I decided to call Kelowna home and we haven't looked back since.

Marketing Manager & Certified Pilates Practitioner

I practiced yoga and aerobics for 10 years, and as soon as I was introduced to Pilates, I forgot everything else. I could see and feel the benefits of Pilates in my body. My flexibility improved, my muscles and joints strengthen, I got a better posture, and my knees and lower back pains were gone. I've been a Marketing undergraduate teacher  and business consultant for over 25 years. I love teaching, and I love sharing Pilates with everyone because it is "The Fountain of Youth". Teaching Pilates is the perfect combination of two of my passions, it makes me happy. 



Your health is our commitment


Initial assessment  $105
Physio - Pilates Integration  $105
Physio follow up $ 89


Work with a physiotherapist and a pilates instructor on a treatment plan to meet your rehabilitation needs.

Class $20 

No commuting, personalized instruction, and attention. Regardless of your fitness level and location, we help you.

Session online or in person $85
10 Sessions package $720

Learn the technique and work at your own rhythm and time. We offer this service at the studio and via zoom if you have a reformer at home.Challenge your body by exercising safely and strengthening your body.

Class $25 

For anyone wanting gentle movement which helps rehabilitate joints and muscles with a meditation component to help release tension and allow body regeneration.


Drop in  $50
10 session package 
from $720 to $290

Exactly the same benefit of a private session but more affordable. A great option to learn Pilates motivated with a friend and at a lower cost. Challenging your body by exercising safely and strengthening your body. If you don't have a partner to share the session with, we can pair you up. If you have a reformer at home we can guide you virtually.

Sun protection, Mature Skin care . Woman

Session $90

We help you unlock energetic blocks which are limiting your full body potential. Unblock the emotion to unblock the pain. In a few sessions  you can experience wellness back in your body. Service available via zoom and in person. More info

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The Studio is located in Rutland, Kelowna, BC

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The online session was great!  Just to have the first real sense of normal was therapeutic on top of feeling those muscles again. 


Thanks so much and I look forward to Wednesday morning at 9:00!


Adriana, I enjoyed the online session very much. I honestly don't know of anything that would make it better. It worked very smoothly. I would definitely be up for doing another class next week!!


Thanks again for doing this!


I Live in Nanoose Bay and have been enrolled in Adriana's classes 3 x a week during the past couple of months via Zoom. I am counting with Self Love Pilates for several reasons including the convenience of exercising from home, no lost time from driving to and from, and gas savings. The best benefit though is Adriana's direction and attention to ALL levels of participants. She provides options for the beginner through the experience. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to do my favorite exercise right from home. 

Self Love classes also include a special therapeutic class for anyone wanting gentile movement and combines meditation time. Please do yourself a favor and contact Adriana for more information or try a class. 

Vivian T.

Adri is an amazing Pilates instructor who truly cares for all her clients and ensures they are getting the best workout for their skill level and interest. She has hosted amazing online classes during COVID 19 and also had a great studio with reformers for a more private one on one class! Can't recommend Self Love Pilates enough, you can see the passion in Adri's work and every workout leaves you with more energy and calmness.

Sara J.

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